Grieving Job Recap #3

Following is a recap in excerpts of last week's devotions on the Grieving of Job:

      Faith is so important in navigating the deep emotions that surface when we grieve.

      As I cried through those words with the group I felt such deep pain being released.

      It is so important to simply acknowledge the loss that a friend or loved one has suffered.

      Our mind is not geared to deal with loss. It cannot deal with things that are unfathomable.

      In times like these it is so easy to be angry with God - even if we do not blame him for our pain.

      On occasion we find words that bring strength and courage to grieving people ... words that assuage their pain.

      When bad things happen to people like Job there can be a temptation to say that they caused it.

Stop by this week and walk with me here as I journey through the grieving of Job.

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