About the things that Executives say ...

I had a great conversation this morning with a friend on Facebook about the ways that corporations and their executives are weighing in on socially political issues in the United States. Here is the heart of what I feel about it:
"My point is that it seems to be foolish (to me anyways) for a businessman (Christian or not) to alienate customers based on their own view of a politically charged issue. I also think that it is foolish for Starbucks, Microsoft and Nike to openly support the opposite view in Washington State's pending same-sex marriage legislation."
My view seems to resonate with some:
"Usually companies stay away from anything contentious," says Allen Adamson, managing director at branding firm Landor Associates and author of "BrandSimple: How the Best Brands Keep it Simple and Succeed." "They want the focus and attention on their products and services."
Interesting how consumers are reacting. Some are boycotting and some are supporting companies like Chick-fil-A and Costco because of things that their leaders have said. Some don't feel a need to respond either way to the things that executives say or the issues that they endorse. I am more in the latter camp. And I imagine that, in the long term, folks will be eating chicken and drinking coffee in the establishments that disagree with their political views.

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