Grieving Job Recap #4

Following is a recap in excerpts of last week's devotions on the Grieving of Job:

       Divine sovereignty allows but does not cause things to happen to us.

       Sometimes it is so helpful to get outside of ourselves and direct our attention elsewhere.

       He never really answered any of the questions that Job asked Him.

       The lessons of age often (but not always) provides us with a context to deal with loss.

       It can be so hard when we grieve and our prayers are unanswered.

       Dealing with the past that we have lost is a normal and essential phase of grief.

       Prayer can sometimes be such a lonely proposition. A grieving person can feel so alone.

I'll finish my devotions this week on the grieving of Job. Please stop by daily and join with me in the journey here.


  1. I am still being blown away by one of the closing verses of Job. My wife is putting together a literature presentation on Job, and the artist portrayed the verse that said Job's captivity was released when he prayed for his friends.


    Also astounding is the presentation of Job's wife in art. I'd recently learned Job did not remarry. It was quite the revelation to me. I figured his wife left, but she didn't. She stuck with him, and she is universally portrayed sympathetically as caring unendingly for Job.

    1. Great comment Kevin! Gotta love Job's wife. I shared a bit about her here.


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