Grieving Job Recap

Following is a recap in excerpts of this week's devotions on the Grieving of Job:

      Christian clichés did not help me but got in the way of dealing with my pain.

      Sometimes our pain is so great that we wish that we were not present to experience it.

      The thing that kept Job from grieving was the idea that somehow God was judging him.

      Knowing that God has not protected you from past pain causes you to be gun-shy about future pain.

      I find that I am most healthy when I simply trust God in the midst of my unanswerable questions.

      I am able to walk in freedom when I let go of my need to have answers.

Stop by this week and walk with me here as I journey through the grieving of Job.

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  1. I think one of the things that has helped me most in facing pain is realizing the questions are by in large unanswerable. Maybe someday God will be able to explain things so we can understand them, but for now we simply have to trust Him. Even Job never really got an answer, merely a realization of who God was and he needed to trust Him.


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