Social Media Donuts

This image makes me feel sorry for Google Plus.

I do wonder why G+ has never really taken off in the Social Media world. I go there a few times a day and find the content to be a bit different than stuff on FB & Twitter.

If you feel sorry for Google, click on the G+ image on the right and add me to your circles. If you don't want to do that check me out (above) on Twitter or Facebook. :)


  1. That's funny;) I'm not on any of those, just Blogger.

  2. HA! This is great. I feel sorry for G plus too, but maybe Google needs to realize they can't be number one in everything, FB has become a lifestyle for some people (you can interpret that as you wish).

    Miss you, Bob! I still read, just don't comment. I love working at the church but am missing my online social time! I think of/pray for you and Ann DAILY.

    1. Thanks Barbara! LOL, loved the idea that Google is not #1 in social media.


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