Coffee: Bag or K-Cup? Which is best?

According to an answer at a Yahoo forum that asked the question: "How many 12 ounce cups of coffee can I make with an 11 oz bag of coffee grinds?":

"There are about 52 tablespoons of coffee in a 11 ounce bag. I use about 1 tablespoon per cup of coffee on my drip machine. Each cup is 6 ounces. So, about 26 12 ounce cups or 52 coffee maker cups."

So I got to comparing the cost of an 11oz bag of Starbucks Verona coffee that I pay about 8 bucks for with a comparable amount of K-Cups that people are spending much more for and wonder why folks use K-Cups? Is it all about the convenience?


  1. Ahh but the cool thing about the Keurig is you can get filter baskets for it so I can use any coffee. Using the pods is certainly convenient but you're right they are expensive. You might also fogure in ewaste unless you drink every drop of every pot.

  2. As the owner of a Keurig I totally agree...its all about the convenience. I got mine for free and they also send you four free boxes of your choice of coffee every other month for a year. Of course, 4 boxes doesn't last that long so you spend up buying more. I have an "eco-basket" to use with my own coffee to save costs. I think what I like most is you get a fresh cup every time. But, I never would have considered buying one of these for myself if I had not gotten it for free.

    1. You and Scott have me thinking about this Barbara. Maybe I need to be looking for a free (or something close to it) deal on a Keurig?

  3. I did break down and buy a Keurig. Any suggestions about cheap places to buy k-cups?


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