Android to iPhone :: Been there. Done That.

The above chart is from a post titled "Android ICS already offers more than what is coming in iOS 6". A clip from it:
iOS 6 is a welcome update for iOS fans. iOS 5 Apple borrowed quite a bit from multiple platforms and improved the user interface elements. It looks like they did the same again, but ICS already has some solid user interface elements for these features and the differentiation isn’t as great as it used to be.

I find it hilarious that Apple compares the percentage of iPhone owners using the latest OS with Android when there is just a single device released from Apple each year and many released with Android. If there was just one Android phone, then of course everyone would be on ICS. It’s a dumb comparison made to slam Android.

With Google likely to reveal Jelly Bean later this month at Google I/O I can understand why analysts predict iOS to continue with a fairly flat rate of adoption.
Interesting thoughts. If you like the SIRI app for iPhone you might want to read "What’s better than Apple’s Siri? Android’s Tap & Speak, that’s what". Do you own iPhone or Android phone? What do you think of this comparison?


  1. If I ran a Windows machine as my primary platform and I didn't own an Apple TV and I didn't own an iPad, then I would seriously consider an Android phone.

    At this point, it doesn't matter if Android has a few features Apple doesn't have. I will stick with Apple because it simply works and I've bought into the Apple infrastructure rather than the Windows/Android model which relies on multiple hardware platforms and multiple software vendors. The simplicity of the Apple platform and the fact that, for a lot of what I need, one company manages all the hardware and software is extremely appealing to me.

    1. I agree with your perspective Brian. Android is attractive to me because I use many other Google products like Blogger, Picasa, Gmail, Drive, Chrome, Calendar, Maps, Youtube and Reader.


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