The Cremation Question

In his current sermon series our pastor, Adam Hamilton, is dealing with death issues. Here is his take on cremation:

An increasing number of people are choosing cremation today. Does the Bible give any guidance as to whether this is acceptable to God? Are the remains of our earthly body somehow needed at the final resurrection so that cremation would keep us from experiencing the resurrection? Here are a few of my thoughts:

  1. Our earthly bodies are not what is resurrected at the final judgment. We are given, Paul teaches, a new heavenly body.
  2. Christian martyrs have been burned throughout the centuries, and Christians have died in house fires, through fire in war, and in tragedies like 911. No one doubts that God will raise them up with a resurrection body.
  3. Cremation simply expedites the decomposition process and avoids more costly forms of burial.
  4. King David cremated Saul and his good friend Jonathon after they were killed by the Philistines - I don't believe he would have done this with his friend had he believed this dishonored Jonathon or offended God.

Adam goes on to say that he himself plans to be cremated and have his ashes inurned at the church's memorial garden. Ann and I are also leaning towards cremation. How about you? Have you ever considered cremation?


  1. i actually want to be cremated. More of the financially practical reasons. I don't think it's a sin or offense to God also. And I'd only want not to be cremated if I could get to see who would visit my grave.

  2. Seeing the visitors to your grave? Now that would be interesting.


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