How will the High Court Rule on Obamacare?

Back in March Danial Fisher of Forbes Magazine said that Obamacare Will Survive The Supreme Court. Here was his rationale back the:
  • Justice Kennedy wasn't convinced by arguments healthcare isn’t a market Congress can regulate.
  • Chief Justice Roberts wasn't convinced the Supreme Court has the institutional competency to unravel 2,700 pages of legislation, most of which even he hasn't read.
  • Kennedy and Roberts, as moderate conservatives, will have a hard time getting past the idea they are substituting their wisdom for that of elected representatives if they strike down the law.
I honestly have no clue what they wil announce tomorrow and I doubt that many of the pundits do either. What do you think the high court will do? Any clue? If you are reading after the announcement - were you surprised? Will it affect this years election?


  1. I was wrong and glad of it. I doubt that more than 1 in 4 voters knows enough about the Affordable Care Act, whether they are for it or against it.

    My sister recently told me that one of her neighbors at the New Jersey shore just learned that she has Parkinson's. The woman doesn't have health insurance and she's now concerned that she won't be able to get insurance. I replied that if ACA isn't overturned, she can get it through the government until pre-existing exclusions go away for adults in 2014. The neighbor said she hopes that ACA is overturned because she doesn't want the government involved in her health care, people shouldn't be forced to buy insurance and she concerned that the government will take away Medicare before she qualifies for it in 3 years. That qualifies her as stupid. The fact that she owns a second home on the shore in Ocean City, NJ yet is too cheap to pay for health insurnace makes her greedy. Her plan was to not tell the insurance company that her doctor told her that she has Parkinson's - and that makes her dishonest.

    How many people opposed to ACA think the same way as this woman?

  2. I was surprised by the Roberts decision too Joe. Appreciated the way that he interpreted the constitutionality of the law and found a way to support it.

    Even though there is a lot of summary info out there on the web, I think that few have a clue about the ACA. I don't see it being overturned even if Romney wins. Like Medicare it will probably be amended and improved in the coming years.

    Hope you are well and enjoying the summer.


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