Does God Hear Slurred Prayers?

My blogging friend Heather shared a wonderful post today. Here is an excerpt from it:
"I’m a little embarrassed to admit that when I first got into recovery, it shocked me to see God so clearly at work in the lives of people who didn’t call him by the “right” name or necessarily identify themselves as Christians.

The longer I attended meetings among such folks, the more I saw that not only was God helping them to recover, in many cases, they depended on him in a more actual way than I ever had—like a crippled person leans on and trusts a cane.

I noticed something else, too. No matter what people called their “higher power,” it always sounded a lot like the Christian God of the Bible—good, loving, just, and forgiving."
I suggest that you read all of Heather's thoughts here - and maybe follow her blog in your reader.


  1. I certainly was one who offered up the slurred prayers. I didn't know anything about the bible or doctrine at the time, but in a lot of ways, I think I had a better idea of who HE is back then, before getting religion.

    I have added her to my dashboard, thanks Bob!

  2. I think Heather Kopp offers a great deal of valuable insight, Bob. Thank you for introducing us (me) to her blog!

  3. I followed Heather over to find you Bob, She is onto something I think! :)


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