Limitless | ★★★★★★

Last night I finished my geeky movie trifecta - not sure that I can really rate this one high as Ann fell asleep during it. Comparing it to the two other geeky movies (Source Code and The Adjustment Bureau) I think that I was disappointed - the hype was large on this one.

The flick is a take on what a person would do if they were able to use "all" of their brain - like brain power is man's big problem. The lead guy, played by Bradley Cooper, demonstrates all of the signs of a drug addict when he takes the pill that gives him mental prowess. And I think that this issue of addiction is the most troubling aspect of the movie when one considers the disappointing way that the movie ends.

I do think that the movie could have used a lot more editing - way too much silly chase and fighting scenes. I mean really - would greater brain power help you beat up a gang of fighters? And why did they need a great actor like DeNiro to play a thug-like executive? Overall color me a bit disappointed.
On scale of ten I give it ★★★★★★.


  1. i don't know that I was a fan of the ending either, but most people would be. They had Bradley Cooper's character setup as the hero, so I think that's why they ended it the way they did, in the classic protagonist beat the antagonist (DeNiro) plot device. (In a weird, 'what is good?' kind of way.) What I really didn't like was the flashback... once we finally reached the first scene in the movie after 2 hours of plot it felt contrived.

  2. The only of those three that I have seen is The Adjustment Bureau. I liked that movie. First, it was entertaining and not rocket science. Second, i love the way they took on free will and predestination and guardian angels in that movie and the way that the portrayed it.

  3. I liked it alright. Don't care to see it again and again like some other movies. Once maybe twice. With 100% brain power think of all the good that could have been done. Yet its always about making the $$$.


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