Life as a Humbling Marathon

"The marathon can humble you." -Bill Rodgers
This morning I read this quote by the world class marathon runner and began a bit of reflective introspection. Here are a few of my thoughts about marathons:
  • Persistence rules the day even when pain comes;
  • Preparation is essential and not optional;
  • Speed is trumped by endurance;
  • Runners compete against themselves rather than others.
  • All who complete the race are acknowledged as winners.
Lastly it is important to note that a long run will bring greater challenge and humility with each mile you run. In the same way life brings us all to a place of humility when we consider where we were mentally, emotionally and physically when our journey began.


  1. Oh Bob...this sure triggers memories. When I was in my 40's Don and I were joggers. I would run the 2 mile, and Don would run the 6k. We ran every day, and entered many "Fun Runs". The thing that was outstanding to me, was it didn't matter if you came in last, 30 minutes after everyone else. There would be the runners waiting at the finsh line cheering you on.....if you won!! It was a great feeling!

  2. It is so easy to look good in the sprint. It seems so often in life and in the Christian life we meet those who look good for a brief time and then give up. May God prepare us to be in things for the long haul.

  3. @Wanda - Thanks for sharing that. You all both seem to still have that running energy.

    @Mike - So true about looking good in the sprint.

    Here is some wisdom about the race that folks shared with me on FB:

    You can run farther than you think . . . it's always too early to quit. -Cameron

    Don't think about how far, just think about completing the next piece ahead of you. -Dan


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