Coffee Day Q&A

Today is National Coffee Day supposedly sponsored by Juan Valdez.
To honor the day I offer you a few caffeine flavored questions and answers.
  1. Favorite Brand? Starbucks - sad but true.
  2. Favorite Blend?  Verona - enjoy the bold but smooth taste.
  3. Cups per day? Three to four of half caffeinated - can't handle the pure stuff.
  4. Cream or Sugar? I do like sugar but can live without it.
  5. Favorite Specialty Coffee? Foamy decaf latte in the afternoon.
  6. Favorite Cafe? Milton's in Lawrence, Kansas - great java and food.
  7. Alone or with Company? I enjoy sharing a pot of coffee with the fabulous Ann!
Please chime in, answer a few questions and share a bit about your caffeine addiction.


  1. Favorite Brand? National - Green Mountain, but we're blessed with two very good local roasters.
    Favorite Blend? I'm gonna say the Donut Shop blend by GM.
    Cups per day? 4-5
    Cream or Sugar? Usually black or light cream.
    Favorite Specialty Coffee? Mocha extra shot (tied with something called a Crowbar served at a shop that's now closed - 4 shots espresso+4shots chocolate syrup served over ice)
    Favorite Cafe? Krankies, one of the above mentioned. Very funky and they roast on site.
    Alone or with Company? Either way, but everything's better with people.

  2. Favorite Brand? Kaldi's (but since that is in St. Louis and I don't live there anymore, I've settled for Sprouts here in the desert)

    Favorite Blend? Kaldi's: Bird' and Bees. Sprouts: Kenyan Blend.

    Cups per day? 4 cups. (actual cups, not mugs)

    Cream or Sugar? Yes please. I prefer the soy creamer from Trader's Joes and Splenda with fiber in it.

    Favorite Specialty Coffee? A Mocha with Caramel from Barista's in Kearney, NE

    Favorite Cafe? Barista's in Kearney, NE

    Alone or with Company? Both usually, but prefer with company.

  3. Favorite Brand: Cascade Pride

    Favorite Blend: Irish Cream

    Cups per day: 8

    Cream or Sugar: Who would ruin a perfectly good cup of coffee with cream or sugar. (Hot, black, strong)

    Favorite Speciality Coffee: Cinnamom machionti latte

    Favorite Cafe: Starbucks at the Triangle Mall, Longview, WA

    Alone or with company: yes

    Started drinking coffee when I was 12. I traded the local donut shop owner a free 7 day a week paper for one cup of hot chocolate and 2 old fashion donuts since he was the last customer on my route next to my house. One day the hot chocolate machine was broke so I had a coffee, been drinking it ever since. Tried a couple weeks ago to quit, made it 10 days.


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