Does time exist after we die?

I can still hear the voice of Rod Serling describing the Twilight Zone as a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. I have always wondered about this whole idea of time and whether another time bounded existence awaits us when we die. I question whether heaven could exist in such a time bounded realm. If it did then it would seem that God might not exist there because time appears to be something he created. It seem more logical, even though it is unimaginable, to think that we will enter an existence where we are no longer bound by time and, unlike this world, will be in the very presence of God. What do you think?


  1. Okay, I have a little time now. My thoughts on the subject go like this....
    In Heaven there is some sort of time because the angels and the saints sing songs. Songs have to have a sequence otherwise they would just be gobble-de-gook (i think that's a French word). That means some type of chronological succession. A melody or tune would be subject to time. Glimpses of Heaven in the book of Revelation talk of seasons and events. It just doesn't all happen at once.
    But, I think we will not be mastered by time. I really believe that God will reveal things from the Bible, not by a video, but in real time. We may see the actual creation as it happened...or Moses crossing the Red Sea as it happened...etc.
    Who knows? Maybe we are all apart of that "great cloud of witnesses".

  2. A comment that I resonate with from a friend on FB:

    "‎"Time," as we know it, is entirely based around the sun. Therefore, if heaven exists outside of our solar system, any concept of time will at least be very different! I tend to think we will experience time as God does - whatever that is! ;-)"

  3. If there is space, there is time? If there is a place outside the universe why would God take us there? Why would he have created time and space and desire us to be out of it? Why did Jesus come into the creation? Why is Gods grand goal the renewing of all creation, things above, in and below the earth. There is a word for God's eternal nature. The only word we have for eternal are variations on the word "eon", age, which means a period of time with a start and a finish. Why do God plan things for us in the ages, ie plural to come. Death, is a timeless state, being raised from the dead is reentering the new heavens and the new earth. I am totally sure it will and must be different, but I do not like the kind of Gnostic tone to a bodiless/timeless existence when God is a creator of things we see and feel and touch. Forgive me for hitting this hard, its a new thought for me and I am liking how it connects this age to the next.

  4. I think that what will happen in eternity is in many ways beyond our comprehension. But there does seem to be an idea of renewing this creation rather then just abandoning it. And I am not sure if anyone but God can live permanently outside of any kind of time. So I would lean toward the continuing of some sort of time but I would not be dogmatic about it. I suspect we will not fully understand it till we get there.

  5. Thanks all for the great comments so far. Here are my thoughts so far:

    1) Not sure that it is valid to use earthly terminology like age (or aeon or the space/time continuum) to describe heavenly things. It may be but it may also be ages upon ages may have been the only way that man can understand the notion of eternity?

    2) I am wondering if time might exist only not in a linear fashion the way that it does this side of death. Perhaps our new bodies (ala post resurrection Jesus) will be able to navigate time differently than we do now?

    3) It appears illogical to think that God would exist inside of earthly time. Hence it is illogical to think that we would exist in some form of earthly time. If we did then we would exist somewhere other than the presence of God unless it is like the presence of God that is here on earth.

    4) I am definitely no Gnostic. I believe in the resurrection and the idea that we will have bodies like the one Jesus had after he was resurrected.

    Enjoying the dialog. Please feel free to continue discussing. Your input is very helpful.

  6. I just love reading all the comments from such insighful men. You are deep thinkers and I enjoy your explanations.

    I will share a something that caught my eye years ago as I read and re-read my Little Prayer book by John Baillie (Professor of Divinity in the University of Edinburgh ~ Chaplin to the Queen of Scotland) I love old books!
    Prof. Baillie has made quite an impression on my prayer life and he made this simple statement in on of his prayers...

    "God who art from eternity unto eternity, and art not at one time in one place, because ALL time and places are in Thee."

    That made a lot of sense to me as I've pondered in and tried to wrap my mind around such an overwhelming thought!

  7. Feeling bound by time is a constraint we impose on ourselves so we'll have an excuse to pass on doing a worthy deed. "Would love to, just don't have the time."

    I've seen months breeze by in moments, and some moments seemingly lasting for years, so don't see any disconnect with the concept of time existing in heaven.

  8. I think about this one all the time. I asked my father in law if there would be phone's in heaven. I say what's the purpose. Even if there was time, eternity renders time irrelevant. If I want to visit with a person, I travel and see them, if it take 10,000 years if such a thing exists, and I don't care because what is 10k years in eternity

  9. I've always imagined Heaven as another dimension and not so much a place in the sky myself.


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