Geeky Catastrophes

Sometimes people see the great advances in technology and forget that all has not been smooth sailing in this world of geeky geniuses. In a recent ZDNet post, titled Ten catastrophes: All-time worst tech industry executive decisions, Jason Perlow outs some pretty poor decisions. Consider a few of executives from their list who blundered big:
  • Carly Fiorina, Hewlett-Packard: Compaq Merger :: The PC business that HP gained from the Compaq merger is now in the process of being spun off, after losing money in the face of tremendous low-margin industry competition.
  • Steve Ballmer: Windows Vista :: Nobody knows how much the Vista debacle really cost Microsoft, but it damaged the company's reputation and almost certainly amounted to billions of dollars of stalled upgrades and a significant exodus of users to Apple’s Mac platform.
  • John Sculley, Apple Computer: Throwing out Steve Jobs :: The 11-year period that Apple continued on without Steve Jobs is universally considered to be a major low point for the company.
  • Steve Case and Gerald M. Levin: AOL / Time Warner Merger :: In 2009, shortly after appointing a new CEO, Tim Armstrong, AOL announced it would spin off Time Warner into a separate public company, ending a fruitless eight year relationship.
To that list I would add Bob Allen, AT&T: NCR Acquisition. After many years and nine billion dollars of loss AT&T spun NCR off to obscurity. Any others that you might add to the list?

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  1. How about Lyndon B. Johnson's war on poverty he started in 1964. After 47 years and trillions of tax dollars wasted... we still got poverty and it ain't getting any better! Of course the left would say, "all we need is a few more trillion and everything will be fine" Hahaha!!!


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