Fear, Islam, 9/11 and a Reason to Believe

Irshad Manji made an interesting observation on Morning Joe this week when asked about how the perceptions of Islam have changed since that tragic day ten years ago.
I think there is still far more confusion than there is clarity. I’ll say something else, and to me it’s the most dangerous F-word in the entire English language…but that word is ‘fear.’ I see among broad-hearted Americans -- who are non-Muslim – fear about asking questions of Muslims and Islam because they’re afraid of being judged as bigots for doing so. And I see among liberal Muslims, such as myself, fear of going on the record about our views because we fear either being called traitors by Islam supremacists or terrorists-in-waiting by Islam bashers."
It is interesting how fear plays such an integral part of the way that we have responded to the terrorism of September 11, 2001. Many of the email messages I receive about Islam are based in fear. So, in light of that, I thought that I would share a song in video, titled "Reason to Believe", that was written, and sung here, by Joe Scarborough, the host of Morning Joe.

I pray for our nation that we will move forward out of fear and suspicion to faith and love.


  1. Pretty song, love the violin/fiddle. Sadly I still see so much fear, probably even more now. Fear from the left and the right. I'm tired of the fear and the vitriol that follows it.

    Good words, Bob.

  2. I pray that American Muslims will stand up and denounce terrorism. Not holding my breath, though. When war is waged on American soil, fear is a by-product.

  3. Morning Joe is to you as Micheal weiner(savage) is to me.


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