Yes, the dictionary describes this word as one that is connected with sex. But I am thinking more about the kind of voyeurism where people get their kicks from watching rather than doing. Consider that there are many more people who:
  • watch sports than who actually play sports. Even kids soccer games have more adults on the sidelines than the children on the field.
  • listen to sermons in church pews than those who actually talk about spiritual matters. Many adhere to the old adage that it is not polite to discuss religion and politics.
  • criticize governmental leaders than ones who actually vote. It is a sad fact that voting percentages are often low and less than half of the citizenry elects our leaders.
And in cyberspace there are many more voyeurs than there are folks who actually interact. Even on Facebook there are very few, percentage wise, that actually post anything. There is just something safe about being a voyeur. Why do you think that is?


  1. Speaking as one who has battled the worst kind of voyeurism, pornography, I think the great attraction of voyeurism is that it looks safe and like I am in control. If I actually go out and interact with real people I might get hurt, they might reject me, I might fail, they might pressure me to do something I do not want to do, but if I just watch I secure.

  2. I think that you are spot on about voyeurs feeling that they are in control. Sadly, that is rarely the case as passivity seldom leads to control.

  3. very true. maybe the small percentage of us are too intimidating to speak too.


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