Toxic Side Effects

In the past few weeks I have become aware of how toxic drugs can be. One of the chemo drugs that my wife has been getting daily (6 doses) is called Cytoxan - I guess you know you are in trouble when "tox" is in the name of the drug. The reasons they used this drug was not to kill off cancer cells but to rid Ann of rogue cells in her immune system. It is amazing how something toxic can be used to assist in the healing process.

On a more personal level I had been experiencing a lot of muscle pains (especially in my legs) for the past month or so. I kept telling myself that it was just because I was not getting enough exercise. On Monday morning I woke up with a new thought - what if Trilipix, my cholesterol drug, was causing my muscles problems. I googled the drug and found that muscle pain was a side effect of it. I have been so much better since I stopped ingesting it.

In retrospect I am thinking about how drugs geared to help us can hurt us even when it is not intentional. I am also wondering if there is a drug that can help me keep my cholesterol levels low without the nasty side effects. I have used all sorts of remedies - red yeast rice gave me muscle pain as well as several statin based drugs. And, in searching the web, I find that this muscle pain sadly a pretty normative experience.

So I was wondering if you can relate to toxic side effects. Any suggestions?


  1. Bob, not to be self-serving, but you should really give kangen water a serious try. I promise you will not experience bloating with this water.
    Our bodies are "wondrously made' by our Creator. The key is what and how much we are putting in them, and flushing daily with healthy water.

  2. I was on Zocor for several years , and experienced horrible leg cramps...actually cause me to bolt out of bed with pain, and have to walk it off...this happened for several months....then a friend showed me a medical report that Zocor was being taking off the market because of muscle damage to many people taking it....I called my doctor immediately, and he put me on a new med, and I have not had that problem since.

  3. Hi Bob,

    Like Wanda, my sister -in law suffered leg pain and weakness from using Zocor. Apparently it's the higher doses of this medicine that causes these side-effects. The dose mentioned is 80 mg, but I assume it depends on the individual. Zocor is also associated with significant drops in energy levels. In Canada, CoQ10 is prescribed along with Zocor to combat it. Hubby and I are both on 20 mg of Zocor and we both take CoQ10.

    BTW, good quality fish oil can help combat high cholestrol. My sister recommends fish oil capsules carried by Costco which are much less expensive than those you'd get through a chiropractor.

  4. I was on mega-doses of prednisone for a long time, and then, of course, it took forever to wean off it. I had many of the nasty side effects, but my doctor said at the time that I had to weigh the benefits against the side effects. The drug I take in place of it has some side effects, but not like the prednisone.

    I take Lipitor and haven't had any problems, so I can't help you there. I was having some leg pain, but it turned out to be something else, not the Lipitor.

    I hope you find a can be aggravating!

  5. When I first started taking Lisinopril I had one of the side effects, a tickle in my throat, but it has gone away over time. Other than that, the only other side effect was when an old doctor of mine prescribed niacin, awful itchy hot flashes, ugh.

    I'm fortunate, I'm on three other subscribed meds and several supplements, but experience no side effects.


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