Body Art

I smiled when I saw this picture in an email today - Chicago has been an interesting time for us.

I am pretty old school when it comes to this stuff but I am beginning to appreciate this form of art a bit more these days. Yet I would probably not get one myself. How about you?



  2. One of my daughters has My oldest grandson has many....he's a Raider fan, need I say more???

    One anniversary years ago, I put a fake rose tattoo and had to practically resusatate my dearest...... HaHa we still have a laugh over that one.

    As far as how I feel about them...I love art, for goodness sakes I'm an I've seen tattoo that I thought was beautiful art work....but unless Don goes first..... I'll never get one...HaHaHa.

  3. My question is always, "What's that going to look like in 30 years?" ☺

    And then I think about Leviticus 19:28. Whether or not it's still relevant, this verse comes to mind whenever I see Body Art.

    Happy Tuesday! ☺

  4. Bob, I doubt it would make me look any better

  5. I often think about the young getting tattoos and what they will look like on sagging 80 year old skin.
    The tattoos certainly are artistic, though I wouldn't get one. It was definitely frowned upon when I was younger.

  6. I have a Celtic cross with "Christ is risen" in Old Gaelic on my left shoulder. My two kids both have multiple tats.

  7. That looked neat! I have thought about it, and my husband wants me to get one on my ankle. My thought is like the others who posted, what will it look like when I am 80, and will I still want it in 20 years? I work with children and would have to cover it up. Too many cons for me. Lol


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