Journaling John

Many of you know that I have been journaling each day through the words of Christ on my other blog. On Friday I finished Matthew's gospel and yesterday I began writing in a devotional style about the words of Christ in the gospel of John. I invite you to come with me for the ride.


  1. I'm a little dense...maybe more than a little. I didn't realize these were your journal notes.

    I have journaled for years and also made hundreds of notes in the margins of my bible. Sometimes when I go back and read something I've inspires me all over again. Thus, the prayer for this week in our Prayer Blog, as I was reading through my Psalms again.

    Loving what you do Bob....

  2. BTW I count it an honor to be on your Thankful List!! :)

  3. Probably journaling more in a devotional sense than a literal one Wanda - I kind of combine the two.. sort of. :)


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