Movies with an Agenda

I am always suspicious of movies that have an agenda to persuade me of something. There have been a lot of movies like that - Michael Moore has made a few of them.. Brokeback Mountain seemed to have an agenda. I am not saying that all such movies are bad.. just saying that I am suspicious of such flicks. The latest movie like that is "The Ledge", a movie that purports to have an atheist hero and a Christian villain. Consider what outspoken atheist and film director Matthew Chapman says about his movie:
"My hope was to make an emotional appeal."

"Really, The Ledge is at the beginning of a movement toward more open discussion of atheism and agnosticism."

"There are a lot of us; we are thinking people; we care about many of the same issues as believers, and yet we are rarely heard and widely hated."

"I hope atheists who are still in the closet will take heart from the film and think. I am not alone."
On the positive side Mr Chapman is open about his intentions. Yet I doubt that many will go into the movie theater knowing of his intentions. Even so I would welcome conversations about the movie. Perhaps I will add it to my Netflix DVD queue. Never know when a sincere atheist will want to talk about it with me. What do you think about such movies?


  1. I think there are movies with an agenda that can still be good movies. I think the real crime is movies with an agenda that stink, like "like lions for lambs." I think the TV movie, "the day after" had an agenda about showing the horrors of total nuclear war. But it was a well made feature that even changed Reagans opinion (btw, it was directed by nicholas meyer, the director of star trek 2)

  2. I think such movies can be good if well made, but I also think they are better if they include new information on the subject. Even if I totally disagree with them if they give me new perspective on why the people who made it hold what they hold and does not simply rehash the obvious arguments I have heard many times before, it is more interesting.
    (Sorry correcting a typo.)

  3. " if they give me new perspective"

    I am with you there Mike. I have learned a lot from such movies.


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