Character Flaws in the Workplace

Not sure how I found this interesting article titled Ten Things That Can Get You Fired.
Some of the things are common sense yet some are subtler. Here is the list:
  1. Get Conveniently Sick
  2. Lie on Your Job Application
  3. Be Disgusting
  4. Stay Anonymous
  5. Never Compromise
  6. Be Ungrateful
  7. Don't Respect the Chain of Command
  8. Spend Time With the Complainers, Non-Performers and Gossips
  9. Never Take Responsibility When Things Go Wrong
  10. Take Credit for Other People's Work
I recommend reading the whole article here. I think they all apply to life in general because these character flaws often affect so much more than our employment. These flaws contribute to the loss of friendships and sometimes even in the demise of marriages.
Ever run across one of these flaws where you work?


  1. I agree a good list of bad behavior.

  2. This needs to be posted at every work place. LOL

    The biggest thing that stood out to me, (I work with nearly all women) is rule 8. Spending time with complainers and gossips. That is so hard to avoid. LOL I did rather well this year, but I had my moments where I was sucked in. (sad to say) Next year will be different.

    Great post!

  3. The last two are in the skill sets of too many successfull managers.


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