Driving in Snow

Looks like we are getting the first real snow of the season here in Kansas City. Unlike some, I really do not like it. Still, I am glad that I do not have to get out in it. Does bring back a lot of memories of when I got my first front wheel drive car.. traction so much better. Then I got a 4 wheel drive Jeep and driving even got better.. except on that nasty icy stuff.

Do you like snow? What kind of vehicle do you drive in it? Any snowy stories to share?


  1. Don't get snow around here except maybe once every 5 years or so.
    Its pretty but I don't want to have to shovel it or manuveur the streets in it. Stay safe and warm Bob.

  2. I like snow, but I, like you, am retired. It is easier to like show when you don't have to get out and drive in it or go to work in it.

  3. Love the church sign :-)

    Do you like snow? From a distance

    What kind of vehicle do you drive in it? I have a GMC truck but there is no snow where I live.

    Any snowy stories to share? It hasn't snowed in Long Beach, Ca. since 1949. No stories :-)


  4. Only time we see snow is when we visit Tahoe in late winter for early spring.

    We get to enjoy the beauty without the hard work. Thank Goodness!!!

  5. Snowing here.......we're supposed to get around four inches worth.

    Blizzard story.......Hubby and I were traveling South on Christmas Eve to visit family in Indiana and Illinois. Near Findlay, Ohio, we stop to fill up the gas tank. It is so COLD and WINDY, the moment he opens the door, all the heat leaves the car and I start shivering. A few miles down the road from Findlay, the car engine starts cutting out due to gasline freeze. It does this several times and terrified, I start praying like a madwoman! We manage to get up a steep off ramp and finally to the only gas station that's open by the highway. Hubby buys two or three bottles of HEET (at an inflated price, of course), adds one to the gas tank, and we manage to get to my parents' old farmhouse that evening. Unbelievably cold, the aluminum frame windows of the house have an inch thick layer of ice on the inside. The wind chill that night was -40 at least. Since then. baring necessity, we don't travel in anything below 20 degrees.

  6. Scary story crownring! It is close to zero here this morning with forecasts below zero. Brrr!


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