Violence, Bears, Packers, Steelers and Jets

Like many of you I will be watching the NFC and AFC championships this afternoon. I like NFL style football but I am becoming extremely uncomfortable with the helmet-to-helmet violence that permeates the game these days. Do you think the game has gotten too violent? I do - I cringe every time I hear about these guys getting a concussion.

I am cheering for the Jets today and don't have any strong feelings about the NFC championship. How about you?


  1. Oh my it is violent with those helmet blows, and blows AFTER the whistle. But I do love watching the game. Love watching the QB make great plays, and the perfect pass caught when it looks impossible.

    Yes, we will be watching the game and I say "GO JETS"

    Hope we can celebrate the Jet's together.

  2. Hoping the Bears can pull out a win!

  3. I think that the helmet to helmet hits are always wrong. But I also think that the NFL started things the wrong way... without any warning... and most likely because of the media attention to the hits.

    First, they started thowing out fines without any sort of warning... just all of a sudden handed out fines.

    Second, it has been said that penalties would cost more than the fines. Games can be won or lost with excessive penalties. And, it puts the pressure on the referees to call those kinds of hits. But I guess that is why they throw the fines because the referees have troubles doing that much. It also puts pressure on coaches and owners to squelch this kind of hit.

    Oh, and GO STEELERS!!!

  4. Seeing as how I don't have a dog in that race, I don't really care who wins!

    I hear Los Angeles may finally be getting another NFL team in a couple of years :-)

    Can you believe we haven't had a team since 1994!

  5. I was rooting for the underdogs and sadly those dogs went under.. but I did enjoy the games. Should be a great matchup at the big dance.

    I saw a helmet-to-helmet hit yesterday that was not called. I guess they only call them when someone gets hurt. :(


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