Basements and Baggage

My very first house on the Jersey shore had a crawl space - we stored little there. My second place in Houston was on a slab - stored stuff in the garage. My first place in Kansas had a tall crawl space filled with some stuff. My next house had a full basement - half of it started leaking water as soon as we finished it. Our last house had a gigantic basement filled with "treasures". When we moved, and downsized, 90% of the stuff in the basement did not go with us. We store very few things in our loft.

The moral of the story is to travel the road of life lightly. You will eventually get rid of almost everything you own. And you can't take it with you.


  1. I "declutter" on a regular basis in my house, but we need to have a big declutter party in our small, very small garage.

    After Don's brother passed away, we stored all his earthly belongings in our little garage...he was a collector, and so we just didn't throw away, as many items are valuable...but sorting through, and deciding how to dispose of it has been a little it's still packed in the garage.

    This Spring...we plan to make it a priority and sell what we can, and give away the rest.

  2. It's one of things you just have to do and not look back!

  3. That's what we are in the middle of right now. What a job. Like Wanda we are trying to sell the valuables and just donate the rest. It can be totally overwhelming. Things are all in plastic tubs and cataloged so its just a painful process.

  4. So this means I can't send you the stone with NOTHING carved into it?

    On a more sober note, I too am contemplating selling a lot of the family stuff I've accumulated over the years. You know, the kind of stuff you take to make your mom happy, not because you actually wanted it? Anyone into pink Depression glass? At least I finally found a new home for the family piano last year.......

    Sigh........ As I grow older, I find I more and more prefer my treasures in Heaven. I don't have to dust them or worry about them getting broken or stolen. Not to mention, those treasures DON'T own me instead of the other way around.


  5. I have down sized to my office. I have bookshelves, books, desk, hutch, fax, etc. I have a couple of tools. The rest is the wife's. I realize I share the furniture and enjoy looking at the nicknacks and paintings but I consider those ours but hers. She has been downsizing for a year now and I am glad. We don't have a garage or basement. We have a storage shed bigger than most and she has been going throug it to my joy!

  6. I have always "travled light". I'm not much of a saver of things unless there is a lot of sentimental value attached.


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