Eleven for 11 and a Dancing Governator to boot!

I may be a few days late on this but I thought that it might be fun to look at, and comment on, some of the things that folks are predicting for 2011:
  1. E-Books will outsell paper books
    I think that this prediction may be a bit of a stretch. But heck, even I bought Ann a Nook for Christmas.
  2. Alternative iPad-like Tablets will proliferate stores
    No-brainer here. Like the e-readers these devices are the new cool thing and everybody wants one.
  3. The Patriots will play either the Falcons in the Super Bowl
    One thing certain is that the Chiefs will probably not go to the big dance in Dallas.
  4. Airlines will have extra fees for In-Person Check-Ins and carry-on bags
    Guess I have gotten used to this idea of airlines bilking us for (not really) extras.
  5. A new third political party will emerge
    I seriously doubt that there is a group or famous person that can pull this off.
  6. Romney, Huckabee, Palin, etc will declare their intentions to run for president
    My thinking is that a relatively unknown will eventually secure the GOP nod as folks like these have to much negative political baggage with voters.
  7. Hillary Clinton will step down as Secretary of State
    I rather doubt that she will unless she tries to take another run at the presidency - which is highly doubtful.. yet she could probably beat Obama.
  8. The Supreme Court will agree to hear the California gay marriage case
    Not sure that the courts are the right place to determine this kind of an issue but they may anyway. If they do I predict that they will rule in favor of gay marriage.
  9. Inception will take the Best Picture Oscar.
    Have to admit that I have not seen most of the movies that are not out on DVD.
    I actually did see Inception this summer and would be very surprised if it won.
  10. Cash-strapped states like California, Illinois, and New York will beg for a bailout
    I think this will come true and we may the the autonomy of state governments challenged in the same way that the leadership of GM was when we bailed them out.
  11. Former Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger will be Dancing with the Stars
    I am still laughing about this prediction.. it is sooo funny.. the images that come to mind.. I think it could cause me to reverse my decision to boycott the show.
Any feedback on the list? Any predictions of your own - and please.. no religious clichés. :)


  1. The patriots can't play the steelers in the superbowl. The are both AFC teams

  2. Thanks Mr Chaard! Must have been that lunch today (thanks again for it) that made my brain go to sleep. Wonder how many other predictions I have misrepresented?

  3. Thanks for the link. I guess with Hillary time will tell!


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