Bored Collies

Ann and I once had a Border Collie named Toby. I was reminded of him when Ann referred me to a Wall Street Journal post about people who rented sheep to keep their Border Collies from getting bored.
Here is the way it ends:
Border collies appear willing to herd until they drop. In fact, they never appear to grow bored of organizing sheep. If they do, for an extra $5 dogs at Fido's Farm can also herd ducks.


  1. Great humor! We have had two Shelties. The first was a female named, oh yes we did, Lassie and she was a first rate herder. We have half a dozen horses and it was almost impossible to let her out by herself to go potty, she would head to the corrals and start herding those horses. we had her for 8 years and she was taken from a fenced yard.

    Luke, was a male we had for 4 years and he got out one day and we never found him. Very unusual for him to do that, but he was a good dog we had been given. No herding instincts in him at all.

  2. Have never had a collie...

    Shepherds, Mastiffs, Rhodesian Ridgeback,Boston Terrier, and now Molly ~ Shih Tzu.

    I love the dogs in the movie "Babe" and the herding sheep. Cute movie!

  3. I've owned a border collie. So smart but so in need of something to keep them busy. Loved the cartoon.


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