Freezin' For A Reason

Saw a piece about this on TV this morning. I am very impressed by the care and compassion that people have for the homeless. Here are a few clips from this article:

"It starts with blankets, hats, warm hats, gloves, hygiene products such as bar soap, shampoo, deodorant, mouthwash, toothpaste and toothbrushes, that type of thing," said organizer Bryan Couch. Participants are only allowed to use discarded items for shelters and stay warm by a fire barrel.

The event is part of Operation Chillout, a year-long event at the church to help homeless people in the metro area. They said the event offers a glimpse at a tiny fraction of the number of area homeless people.

"That's something that a lot of people don't realize, that the average age of a homeless person in Kansas City is nine years old," said Couch. "Everybody thinks of the guy at the exit ramp holding a sign. They don't think about the mom with the two little kids that are trying to find shelter in one of the area shelters or in a hotel room or in their car."


  1. What an insightful article. My I was shocked at the average age...because we don't see the children out on the curbs...we forget the plight of those moms.

    Thank God for people who help the homeless in this freezing weather and at all times.

  2. I'm afraid Bryan Couch is right. When most people think of the homeless it's not the mother with 2 kids that comes to mind. Often myself included :-(


  3. Wow.. the average age is a mere nine years old. Now that breaks my heart.

  4. I too was shocked that the average age of a homeless person in Kansas City is nine years old. It is so heart breaking.

  5. NINE!? If that doesn't get you off the couch to do something, I don't know what will. Thanks for the post!


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