World Homeless Day

In honor of this day I am republishing part of my 10/13/2009 post about Marcia Merrick.

Imagine getting up at 4:20 am to make 400 peanut butter sandwiches to pass out to the homeless in your city....EVERY DAY! That is what Marcia Merrick does, every day! She provides these sandwiches to ensure that the homeless of our city have some decent food. That is not all though, she lives her life to help make other's lives better. The homeless or just starting out will come to her with their food, clothing or shelter needs and she will call on friends, community and church to help her out-again every day. She will take people to the food store or gas station and fulfill a need. She scours garage sales just to get things for the needy. She understands the homeless community and makes sure that she is not enabling bad behavior but truly helping. Although some would like to go out with Marcia on her food deliveries, she is particular with this type of help, because what she does can be dangerous. Kids from our community can get involved by coloring paper lunch sacks, and sometimes groups help Marcia--but she is the lead volunteer and most often does it alone. Marcia would not consider herself amazing---just doing what needs to be done EVERY DAY.

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  1. Thanks Bob... These are truly the "unsung" heroes. Putting feet to what she believes... I love that!


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