Low Flow Regulators

So I bought this Waterpik shower head (pictured) a few days ago and didn't think it offered much in the way of water pressure. Then I read the instructions.. hey.. it only took a few days.. and found that it came with a low flow regulator washer. Once I removed that little rascal I experienced a great high pressure shower. I still have a low flow regulator though - some call it a faucet.

Have you ever struggled with flow issues?  Ever have issues with flowing with life and the people around you. I wonder if we sometimes need to simply remove those things that seem to constrain our flow of life? I find that things like legalism can restrict our life flow. Often our life flow can be inhibited by the judgmentalism of other people.. and sometimes by our own judgmentalism. I think that fear, shame, blame, hate and all sorts of phobias can limit the way we live and keep us from living life to the fullest.

Unlike the low flow washer in my shower head it is sometimes not so simple to remove these regulators from our lives. Have you ever struggled with life flow regulators? Any thoughts?

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