The Generic Promise

These days there is a place on my doctor's prescription pad to indicate that a generic can be substituted for the real deal. And if one is available I usually get the generic. This is also true of over the counter drugs - I usually buy the generic brands as well.

Even technology has generics. Consider the generic iPed pictured above along side of an iPad - the iPed sells for about one sixth of the price of an iPad. Guess that is the point - we buy generics because of the promise of similar quality for a fraction of the price. But I think that you have to be careful with these promises - pretty obvious from this picture which is the more expensive iPad. In case you can't tell, the one on the left is the iPed.

Of course it is probably unfair to say that an iPed is a "generic" iPad as they are most likely manufactured to different specifications. Knock-off is probably a better term. Sometimes knock-offs come with promises like generics but often they are just cheap imitations that bear little resemblance to the original product. I think that mostly you really get what you pay for in this area. But probably not so with generic drugs - I think?!

What has been your experience with generics? Do they deliver on their promises?


  1. Hi Bob!

    I am on four different prescriptions and all of them are generics. Suits me because they work fine and it keeps my co-pays affordable.

    As for knock-offs, I have a girlfriend who can spot the difference between a knock-off purse and a real designer bag in seconds. She's into these things and a local shopkeeper of an upscale resale store appreciates her knowledge. Me, I buy my fabric purses from a local crafter/seamstress for about $20 each. They're beautifully made and I can change bags on a whim!

    To each his/her own........

  2. I use generic brand meds, OTC and RX. There are some things I buy the store brand of and typically am not disappointed. But a few items I insist on the real deal (like Gold Bond Healing Lotion! and Hershey's Chocolate Syrup) :)

  3. @crownring - LOL about the knockoff purses.. hadn't considered that at all.

    @Barbara - Ditto that on the Hersheys for sure. I feel the same about Thomas' English Muffins.


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