Happy Columbus Day

Here in the United States we celebrate the anniversary of Christopher Columbus's arrival in the Americas, specifically the Bahamas, which occurred on October 12, 1492, on the second Monday in October. Growing up in New York City I remember getting the day off each year.. of course back then we usually got the 12th off - retail chains didn't control the holiday schedule the way that they do these days. I think that banks and Wal Street are off but I doubt too many others celebrate the day. Do they celebrate it where you live?


  1. Same for us, Banks and PO. Since I forgot that... I had to go bring in the letters I was going to mail today.

    We are celebrating our grandson's 19th Birthday today!

  2. Banks and post office. I remember having the day off when I was younger.

    I saw something yesterday that read, "Let's celebrate Columbus Day by walking into someone's house and telling them that we live there now." :)

  3. Oh, I missed this, Bob - cuz we did get the day off from school and went camping for the long weekend. :)


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