Survey Says!

This image reminds me about how silly surveys and polls can be. Actually the word "survey" reminds me of Richard Dawson shouting "survey says" on the "Family Feud" TV game show - some of the survey answers were surprising.

I think that it could be said that you can prove anything with one of these vehicles. Politicians cite them when they are in agreement with their actions. Pundits use polls to predict the outcomes of elections - seems like I see a different one each day on TV during this campaign season. And I think the temptation for folks in leadership is to take polls and surveys to heart and follow the polls instead of their deeply held convictions.

I think that we all wrestle with what other people think of us and what we do. Sad to say that many of us are people pleasers. It almost seems like a good thing at times. Yet I think that walking this path will lead to dark places.. being a people pleaser has led me to dark places.

Years ago so much of my life was consumed with keeping up the appearance of a spiritual man. Sadly, I spent years playing the role that I thought people wanted me to play. I think that I did it to be accepted and, in doing so, I kowtowed to the court of public opinion. I was not too much different than some of the politicians who do similar things.

My life changed when I began to live from my heart instead of my brain. The brain sees what is needed.. what people are expecting.. and does everything needed to meet those skewed needs. The heart is not preoccupied with such things.. it cuts through all of the rationalizations and embraces a wisdom about how we should live.

I guess my message for this Sunday morning is don't listen to the polls. Stop reading the surveys. Reject the rationalizations and embrace the wisdom that God has deposited deep within you. And if you are lacking wisdom simply ask for it. For me that wisdom came when God captured me and gave me a new heart. I pray this for you today.


  1. That's one of the biggest things I'm trying to do, live according to the way the Spirit directs rather than worry about what other people think of me. Some days it's easier than others.

  2. "Some days it's easier than others."

    Now that is an understatement. :)

  3. I must admit, I my DNA is a people pleaser, and that can be dangerous. What turned me into a people servant, instead of a when the Lord asked me the question... Would you be doing this if NO ONE ever knew you did? Would you do it just for ME? It was a hard lesson, as I love to share my "good works", but I'm getting better at not "spilling the beans." When I serve without blowing my own horn, it feels so good to have a secret just between the Father and me.
    That may not make sense to you, but I don't really know how to explain it.

  4. @Wanda - serving vs pleasing people.. what a great delineation!!

  5. This kind of thinking can and has led to unmitigated disaster. From Ayn Rands prophetic book, 1956:

    In Atlas, we even read about a “banker with a heart of gold” who went out of business after lending to borrowers on the basis of their “need” rather than their ability to repay. Anyone who understands how the government’s “affordable housing” crusade led to an orgy of subprime lending can appreciate Rand’s foresight [see Richard M. Salsman, “Altruism: The Moral Root of the Financial Crisis”].

  6. @leahey32713 - Glad that my people pleasing hasn't affected my wallet like that!


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