It ain't your Grandma's Drug Store..

Ever go into one of those chain Rx stores and see milk, eggs, gadgets and other things you don't need an Rx for? Walgreens (online anyway) is now selling a 7" touch-screen Android Tablet for just $100. I haven't bought much non-Rx there. What is the strangest thing you have purchased at one of these places?


  1. I usually buy RX type stuff there. The tablet looks like something that might be effective for awhile, but is a case of you get what you pay for.

  2. What is the strangest thing I have purchased at one of these places?

    I don't know if you could put it in the "strange" category but I like to buy a lot of Walgreen's sale items whether I need them or not :-)


  3. Hello there Kansas Bob. I haven't seen you in a while but just bumped into you over at Dave's in Scotland. Isn't blogging fun?

  4. @co_heir - probably right.. not quite an iPad. :)

    @Geezer - I can relate.. love that starnge stuff.

    @Mama - Thanks for stopping by. Blogging is fun!


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