Windows 7.. I liked Vista better :(

This image on the Chrome Browser Twitter page reminds me how I wasted one hundred dollars "upgrading" my laptop to Windows 7.. the OS that promised to be faster and better.. it is not faster and this week Windows 7 presented me with a blue screen of death. Simply sad.

And I do not want to hear from you Apple people


  1. Windows 7 was major improvement for me. Do you know what caused the BSOD? I have a friend who ran it on multiple machines and found it performed better than Vista and even better than XP on older hardware. I actually have more problems with my Macs than my Windows machines.

  2. @Mike - Thanks for the note. Not sure what caused the BSOD. Another problem I have is that whenever it hibernates it hiccups when it tries to "resume".. very annoying.

  3. Bob, you know those Apple people aren't going to be able to bite their tongues!

    Sorry to hear of your issue. I still have XP on my laptop and Vista on my desktop.

  4. You guys are talking that computer language I don't get.....Thank God for the Geek Squad in my case.


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