Unwritten Rules that Rule our Lives

I remember a few years ago sitting around the table with the church staff drinking coffee and the topic of driving behaviors came up - specifically what the right protocol was when a lane was closed and merging was required. Most of the crew said (pretty strongly) that the RULE was to merge as soon as you became aware of the merger.. a few others said that they did not see the big deal in merging at the last possible moment - that was the quicker way to go for them.

Thinking about this reminds me of how we all have our rules - written and unwritten. Here are a few of the rules that I have adopted over the years:
  • Park in a place where my car will not get dinged. Not sure when I started this rule but I think that I have always been a bit fussy with my cars.
  • Sit on the aisle in church. Unknown when this one began. I sometimes spoke during the service so maybe that is when I began it. Or maybe I was just paranoid. :)
  • Don't talk during movies.. and don't talk to me during one.. unless it is on DVD and can be paused.. even then I am not all that happy about it.
  • Be open and honest with people.. some can't handle the vulnerability.. be vulnerable anyway.. some can handle it.
  • Don't jaywalk.. wait for the signal.. it may develop patience.. not that it has done that for me.. sadly I sometimes break this rule.
  • Be on time. I am not as rigid on this one as I used to be.. the old rule was always get there early.. these days I am just happy to be on time.
  • Use decent English when writing and speaking.. sometimes I purposefully break this rule.. but mostly I follow it.. mostly.
  • Don't give out info over the phone. I get way to many calls from telemarketers and survey takers. Don't ask me what I do with the recorded phone spammers.
  • Life is too short for bad coffee. Years ago before Starbucks got popular I started grinding my own beans. These days I don't grind but I drink good coffee.
I am sure I could come up with more if I tried.. these rules area already depressing enough. And in case you were wondering.. I think that everyone should wait until the last minute to merge into traffic.. it is the only way to level the playing (driving?) field.

How do you merge? What unwritten rules rule your life? Share at least one of them.


  1. The latest trend I have seen is for large bulky vehicles (sometimes 18 wheelers) to straddle the two lanes so that those individuals whose rules allow them to merge at the last minute can't do so. This would be an example of one persons rules being imposed on all. :) Gary

  2. "Life is too short for bad coffee. Years ago before Starbucks got popular I started grinding my own beans. These days I don't grind but I drink good coffee."

    I have the same rule re: beer.

    Perhaps one of my rules is "Be who you are, not who people expect you to be." It's hard to live by, but good when you can.

  3. 1. Life is short; enjoy it to God's glory.

    2. I merge after the solid white line disappears (since crossing it is a ticketable offense) and at or above the speed limit not to bother the car already in the right lane.

    3. On time is late and 15 minutes is on time, and early is expected.

    4. Like you - don't talk during the movie.

    5. Chew with you mouth closed please.

  4. 1. Always on time, or a bit early.
    2. Always take a little gift if we are invited to someones home for dinner.
    3. Park in the shade if possible, even if I have to a walk farther.
    4. Don't talk in movies.
    5. Sit next to my dearest by the aisle in church, since he passed out one Sunday and caused a commotion.
    6. Bake cookies to share at least once a week.
    7. Put lipstick on before going to bed.
    The list goes on and on....but yes we all have our rules, don't we!

  5. Being on time or a bit early.
    Chew with the mouth closed.
    Wait your turn.
    Be in the 15 or less line with 15 or less in the basket.
    Be considerate and say thank you.
    Acknowledge emails
    Love and talk to the kids and grandkids all the time.


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