Political Correctness Rant

What is it about rules.. be they ten or six.. that so attract people? Is it all about the need for order that many of us have? It seems that the government comes up with new rules (i.e. laws) every day.. driving rules.. divorce rules.. tax rules.. employer rules.. rules everywhere you look.. and don't ask me about religious rules.

In light of that I thought that I might rant a bit about the rules on the above image.. not sure where this will go.. nothing prepared.. just a few off the cuff remarks about this politically correct (PC) list of rules..
  1. Level Playing Fields: Fairness seems to permeate political correctness. I certainly am all in favor of treating people fairly but it seems that some PC overcompensates.
  2. Public Schools: Why do we have to drag our kids into all of the PC? I am not saying that we should not be inclusive but why can't we just stick to the basics?
  3. Spirituality: I am so tired of people saying they are spiritual but not religious.. give it a rest already. Most of us see through it. 
  4. Choice: It seems that life.. at least here in America.. has become an issue of relative morality. Things like abortion have sadly become for some an issue of choice.
  5. Hypocrisy: Don't you just love how hypocrites call other people hypocrites? Come on! None of us live what we preach. I find this to be a PC cop-out.
Number six is a good way to end this PC commandment list - political correctness is an unending treadmill.. or maybe it is a hamster wheel.. once folks get on it they seem to just spin around a bit until they get tired and see the shallowness of it.

Have you ever witnessed political correctness? What is your favorite PC rule? 


  1. Just heard that dodgeball has been outlawed in West Virginia public schools. More evidence of the reach of PC in our public schools?

  2. My favorite? The height of ironic self-contradiction. A PC foundational principle: "There are NO absolute truths!"

  3. @Nephos - Love that one too! Fighting an absolute with an absolute - gotta love it!

  4. Well, not being in the slightest manner, I am not allowed into the PC Clubhouse. Therefore, I am not privy to the PC Handbook or secret handshake let alone their rules. So, I don't have a favortie PC rule since I have been barred from all 50 states PC Clubs. So, I think people should be required to learn English is they want to live and work in this country, I think only the American Flag should fly in this country, that kids who can't pass the minimum requirements should not be passed to the higher grade, that their are winners and LOSERS, that women are the weaker and fairer sex, that the Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, KC Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys, the Tomahawk Chop are honorable tributes and that the American Indians should get over it, that Manhattan should not be given back to the American Indians and Casion rights should not be awarded to American Indians alone, and that there should be no sovereign land in this country belonging to anyone but the people of this country, there is nothing wrong with being a white male unless you are violating the law and common sense civility, and that PC is an invention of left wing emotionally crippled minority.

    So, see, I don't have a favortie PC rule since being non PC I don't know what they are.

  5. @Gregg - I have been known to visit that clubhouse as a guest and understand why I have not returned :)

    Interesting thoughts about casinos Native American lands.. sadly one of the last presidential candidates is still the chairman of that committee in the senate and a strong advocate of casinos on those lands.

  6. For the left, it isn't really about being PC. It is about making some more equal than others. They are nothing more than 4 legged pigs wanting to parade around on two legs.


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