Main Street needs a Lobbyist

The news is rife with articles of bailouts these days. All sorts of industries are getting government assistance, tax breaks or tax incentives. This LA Times article titled Corporate welfare and California's budget deficit says:
For all the hand-wringing by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger about how there's almost nothing left to cut in the state budget except services to children, the aged and the destitute, hundreds of millions of dollars are spent every year on handouts to business. That's despite the lack of evidence that some of these programs keep employers in the state, lure employers from out of state or are cost-effective in any general way. The governor is asking the Legislature to take such draconian steps as eliminating CalWORKS, the state's principal family welfare program (serving 1.1 million children), and downsizing child care and mental health programs
Seems that there are real choices to be made these days about what kind of welfare our governments will support. Consider this excerpt from a piece titled Imperium Watch: Are the Unemployed Pawns?:
And nobody has ever explained why Republicans who supported the outrageous levels of deficit the Bush administration ran up on off-budget wars and tax breaks for the rich now scream "Deficit" when people need extended benefits to keep from having to live on the street. Meanwhile, unemployment checks help the economy because they're spent quickly and close to home, in businesses that hire workers and pay taxes.
The article speaks to the hesitancy of some, who once supported corporate bailouts, to now extend unemployment benefits for people struggling to find work. It reminds me that Main Street needs a lobbyist.. Wall Street has a lot of them.. those other industries shown in the cartoon have more than their share of bribers.. I mean lobbyists. It is sad that this need exists. It is sad that money talks so loudly in governments both state and federal. It is sad that our elected officials are not our most vocal advocates.


  1. Amen, Bob. Gov't has lost touch with the people,and too often people think there is nothing they can do because it is too big.

  2. I agree, I don't think the average government agency or those in the higher or higest eschelon of government machinery even know what is really going on locally. Orgeonites are loosing unemployment benefits by the millions putting people in terrible positions.

    My unemployment runs out at the end of this month and at this moment I have no longer have savings, no prospects yet on the horizon for a job and have no idea what my wife and I will do on August 1st other than continue to trust and pray to God for his provision and to beg God's people to pray on our behalf.

    It would be great to see some one, a "lobbyist" stand up for the American people rather than those depicted in the comic strip.

    I know government money doesn't grow on trees, but billions for AIG when my County has the highest unemployment rates in our State. Believe me I have applied for work nationally as well as locally.

    Good post KB thanks for letting me vent!

  3. Glad to give you the opportunity Gregg! I remember what it was like to be unemployed for 15 months a number of years ago. I have several friends that are currently unemployed. I will join with you in asking our Father for a fruitful employment opportunity.


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