Dan, Cory, Howard, Mark and Me

Months back a friend told me that I was a good writer.. I corrected her and told her that I was a blogger not a writer. To prove this I provided six sample KB blog posts to this writing analysis site and got the results on the left.. Dan and Cory showed up twice.

Not that I am opposed to being compared to these famous writers.. it is just that blogging.. in my opinion.. is a lot different than writing novels. Guess I wouldn't put myself in that category or even that of a journalist.

How would you describe your blogging? Do you aspire to be a novelist or journalist? Or do you, like me, just blog to engage in ideas and learn.. and, of course, to have fun? Please let me know why you blog and if you have any blog goals.


  1. Interesting that you would share this today, as I just posted act 1 of a Melodrama I wrote a could of years ago. I posted it back in 2007 but wanted to share it again with new readers. Yes, I love telling stories, and once in a while write for my own enjoyment and my grandchildren, children's stories.

    Most of the time, my blog is just a running diary of my life.

  2. I would describe my blog as pastoral and as an extension of my spiritual gift of teaching.

    I have no desire or aspiration to be a novelist or journalist.

    I do desire joy as a fruit of this ministry, although I like John the Apostle experience joy when God is glorified and His people are edified. Having said that I take my blog, my efforts, and the scriptural teaching deadly serious. I realize that my blog is not for everyone, however I do trust God when He says His Word will not return to God without doing that which it was intended to do. What a joy and comfort - the Word (not me, my blog, or my teaching) will eithr harden or help the hearts of people.

    Why do I blog? Great question, I blog for four specific reasons:

    To expose my readers to a variety of spiritually beneficial topics, books, articles, and devotions

    To edify or build up my readers in the faith once for all time delivered to the saints

    To exalt the glorious character of our Lord Jesus Christ

    To expand a passion for the supremacy of God in all things

  3. I would say I'm a photographer. I just add words to my pictures.
    I do think your writings are a bit like Mark Twain...very pithy.

  4. I plugged in my latest post and it said that I write like Rudyard Kipling.

  5. Well, I posted four different blog entries and got....

    James Joyce

    Kurt Vonnegut

    Arthur C. Clarke

    William Shakespeare

    Hmmmm.........That wouldn't happen to be a random generator, would it?

  6. Bob, I think this says you are BRILLIANT and multi-faceted :) I would guess its not the most accurate of all tests, but it was fun!

  7. Thanks all for commenting and thanks for blogging. You all represent to me the diversity of blogging styles out there. I seem to gain each time that I visit your blogs.


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