Stuck in the Past

This image from the very creative blog of GlennZ.. thanks Gary for the link to Glenn.. reminds me of a few things: the "Back to the Future" movie; how a picture can paint a thoughtful image (even when it is funny); and how easy it can be to get stuck in the past.

About that last thought - ever get stuck in the past? I have.

Some people have fears about the future.. some dread the present.. and some like me sometimes find themselves stuck in the past. It is so easy when things are dark and sad to think about times gone by and want to go back. Of course all of us time travelers always want to have control over that proverbial time machine.. there are times that we simply would not want to revisit. I guess the message is that the past like the present and the future is a mixed bag of pains and joys. So maybe it is best that we learn to live in the present and find the hidden joys in the phenomenon that is called today.


  1. I like the suggestion to Find the hidden joys in the phenomenon called today.
    Its all about hope and a positive view of each day. Sometimes easier said than done.

  2. Jim, a friend and songwriter has a line in one of his songs, that has always helped me.

    "Yesterday is History, Tomorrow still a Mystery, TODAY is a "Present", God's gift to me...."

  3. Too many mistakes in the past; probably too many mistakes in the future; I love today!

  4. Thanks all for the comments. I think that I have heard something like that Wanda.


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