NFL Divisional Playoff Picks

It is just a few minutes before the first playoff game of the weekend and I thought that I would jump in and make a few predictions.. but don't bet on my picks.. I'm pretty ignorant of the team strengths and weaknesses.. and this is pretty rushed. Even so.. here are my picks:
  • Saints beat the Cardinals.. I love Kurt Warner but don't think New Orleans will let him score like the Packers did last week.. Drew Brees will do OK.
  • Colts beat the Ravens.. I think Peyton Manning will come ready for a tough Baltimore defense.
  • Cowboys beat the Vikings.. Dallas seems to be the team to beat.. they are on a hot streak.. of course I would like to see Brett Farve go to the Super Bowl again.. gotta root for the geezer.
  • Chargers beat the Jets.. my brother is rooting for New York (has been since they came to town in the 60s) but I like San Diego.. my son went to high school with kick returner Darren Sproles.. I'd like to see him play a few more games.
Let me know what you are thinking.. even if you disagree


  1. Of all of the games, I thought the one blowout would be the Chargers over the Jets. I also suspected the Ravens would fall.

    I still think the Jets are getting lucky and expect the Colts to put them in their place next week. Manning goes to the Super Bowl. The Vikings/Saints should be a good one. Gotta go with Favre as my emotional favorite though.

  2. Kudos to the Jets! Gotta agree that the Colts will beat them next week.. of course I thought the Chargers would as well.

    The NFC game will be a great one.. I am pulling for the Saints but it would be great to see Farve in the Super Bowl again.. gotta love a gezzer QB :)


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