Simple Answers

I love the wisdom of Ziggy. This one speaks to our desire for simple answers to complex issues. Don't you get tired of people speaking in clichés as they ignorantly regurgitate something they heard on the radio or TV? An no.. don't be browsing my old posts looking for some examples of this behavior.

Anywho, it reminds me of something Einstein once said:
Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
I think that simplicity is a good goal when we are communicating complex ideas to children.. it is a good idea when developing user interfaces to complex software systems.. but it is a very poor idea to homogenize complex issues to a black/white, true/false and yes/no terminology. What do you think? Anything come to mind?


  1. I agree, Bob. This may stir up a lot of controversy. But, the things that immediately pops to mind is people idolizing the Bible and seeing it as a "Great Big Book of Everything". When they first begin to think it may not be they are frightened because then they feel there is no "ultimate source of Truth". There is an ultimate source of truth but it has not been (completely) contained in ancient writings.

  2. How about looking at simplicity as a practical thing rather than spiritual or religious.
    *Say buy things for thier usefulness rather than their status.
    *Or, Learn to enjoy things without owning them. Parks, libraries, museums, art galleries, the forest, the ocean, etc.
    *Resist the "buy now" "pay later" schemes.
    It also saves money... which is a simple way to live.

  3. I agree! Ziggy is one of my faves. Also love the Einstein quote. I think we complicate too many things.

  4. Great respponse Wanda. I think the "simple" life is better.

  5. Thanks all for the feedback.

    @Brian - it took pain to get me out of my simple answer bible mode.. I think that it is hard for some idealistic young folks to get past simple religious answers.

    @Wanda - I think that you hit on what it means to live simply.. a bit different than simple answers but something I aspire to as well.

  6. Simplicity is different, IMHO, than seeing things as black and white. In the Bible, there is great simplicity and complexity mingled together. To see the truth, we must become as children. I think a part of that is starting with the simple understandings. Love God and your neighbor. That is simple. Just do it. The problem comes in when we complicate it by trying to define it. Trust is the same way. Jesus says "I am the way, truth and life. Follow me." Sometimes we overcomplicate things by wanting to interpret that rather than to do it. But perhaps my thoughts are overly simple.

  7. @Spherical - Great point.. the major things like love and trust are simple concepts.. other issues.. not so much :)

  8. "An no.. don't be browsing my old posts looking for some examples of this behavior"

    Hah ... I was about to it in mine.


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