In My Humble Opinion

I love the interactions of my friends on Facebook.. unlike most blog posts FB posts are generally very brief and so easy to respond to with a comment.. and more people seem to read and respond to those short quips. Here is a quip that I offered yesterday:
Bob is wondering if an opinion is ever humble. In my humble opinion they are not.
I got a few responses.. thought I would share them:
  • Yeah, because if we consider our own opinion to be humble, then we are judging ourselves to be humble and that isn't really humility.
  • Humble or not, sometimes these opinions are right on the money!
  • I consider a humble opinion to be one that you are willing to change if proven wrong.
  • Perhaps the truly humble opinion is not only offered with a willingness to change if proven wrong, but with the expectation that it will be proven wrong.
  • In my opinion, opinions are what they are, opinions. Doesn't make anybody right or wrong. We all wear our own "sunglasses" that filter our opinions. Facts are facts and I think they are opposite of opinions. But of course this is just my opinion. So in that case it is in my opinion that everyone is right!
  • All opinions should be offered tentatively, with the expectation that we could very well be wrong. Of course, opinions often are those ideas that work best for us and are made in light of our own individual experiences, likes, dislikes, etc. - so it is very possible that two differing opinions could be right!
  • Just what is an opinion? An opinion is a physical phenomenon consisting of a specific electrical path in the brain and involves neurons, dendrites and firing synapse. A person may hold an opinion he believes can be verified absolutely by logic; yet it may be completely false.
I do see some validity in the idea that an opinion held lightly might be a humble one.. possibly it is all about how tightly we hold onto it and how open we are to the idea that the opinion could be wrong. Just my humble opinion. What is your opinion on humble opinions?


  1. I think a good question to ask youself is "Do I feel just as confortable not giving my opinion as giving it?" I find most of the people really don't want your opinion. If they did, they'd ask for it. Just a thought, not an opinion ((smile))

  2. I like FB and Blogging. I get overwhelmed with both and have limited myself to a "top ten" list of blogs I read (not counting the ones of parents of addicts...those are a must right now). Yours is in the top ten but I still don't get it it as much as I'd like.

    As for the topic: I love the third comment about being willing to change your opinion...that's so true!

  3. Thanks Barbara. Your blogs and Wanda's blog are must reads for me.. but I do understand being overwhelmed.. took me some time to get back to "normal" after being gone a week at my mom's funeral.


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