ESPN? Really? Guys Rule Cable!

With all of the stuff in the news these days about HGTV and the Food Network being pulled from Cablevision.. and Fox and Time Warner Cable duking it out over an increase in charges.. I thought I would look around for what other networks are charging cable companies. The following is an unofficial list of the per subscriber fees that networks were charging cable companies in 2006:
ESPN $2.91 [$3.26 in 2007]
Fox Sports $1.67
TNT $0.89
Disney $0.79
Fox News $0.75
USA $0.47
CNN $0.44
Nickelodeon $0.41
TBS $0.39
FX $0.35
MTV $0.29
CNBC $0.26
Discovery $0.25
ESPN2 $0.24
Family $0.23
Lifetime $0.23
AMC $0.23
Golf $0.23
TCM $0.23
A&E $0.22
E! $0.20
Spike $0.19
History $0.19
Speed $0.18
SciFi $0.17
Bravo $0.16
TLC $0.16
BET $0.15
MSNBC $0.15
Cartoon $0.15
VH1 $0.13
Comedy $0.11
Court TV $0.11
The Weather Channel $0.10
TVLand $0.09
Travel $0.09
HGTV $0.08
Animal Planet $0.08
Food $0.07
CMT $0.05
ESPN over $3.. really.. I didn't think guys watched that much TV?! I always knew that this stuff cost but had no idea that the sports networks cost the much. Who would have guessed that ESPN charged SO much more than everyone else. Also interesting that Fox News charges five times what MSNBC charges. Maybe venues like and need to expand into the sports and news venues

The Comedy channel seems a good deal. Which channel do you think is worth the money?


  1. I'd just like to have the choice of which channels I pay for. I've got dozens of channels I never watch.

  2. I need a package that has ONLY ESPN. Then I would be happy. (And my wife and I wouldn't have to fight over the remote!)

  3. I get Cable for 6 months out of the year just for the purpose of watching college football. My wife and I watch about 15 hrs of television a week during this time and only sports. With their huge viewership, ESPN can justify the higher charge.


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