Technological Flops

From ZDNet's The decade's 25 biggest tech flops.. here are a few of the flops:
  • Smart Watch - received tidbits of information over the air via FM radio frequencies
  • Sony Aibo - mechanical dog that never quite caught on
  • SED (surface-conduction electron-emitter display) TV.. billed to be better that plasma and lcd versions.
  • Windows Media Center - I have one on my laptop.. I like it.. especially it's Netflix integration
  • Game Boy Micro - sometimes small is too small
  • Foleo - if Palm had called it a Netbook it might have been the first of its kind
Some people think the Zune should be added to the list but I think that the iPod wannabe still has a somewhat loyal following. For me I think that HD projection TVs might fit the category.. eventually.. mine lasted almost 5 years.

How about you? Any technology flops come to mind?


  1. The DeLorean comes to mind - although it did succeed in becomming a movie star in 'Back to the Future).

  2. Windows ME ! The famous "Mistake Edition". The first time I booted up a machine with Windows Me, I wished it had kickboxing along-with solitaire.

  3. I know you went easy on the Zune because of me. I love it. Of course, it is all I have.


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