Caption This!

Yeah.. I could not resist ranting about this photo I took yesterday with my cellphone at a neighborhood restaurant. This TV is going all of the time sans the sound.

Hard to believe that someone thought that this was a good idea.

How would you caption this photo?


  1. Here is my caption.. in my best Bobby Dinero voice:

    "You lookin' at me?"

  2. All I need is my beer and it's the perfect ball game.

  3. Local Blogger arrested for taking photos in public restroom!

    He claims he was taking a picture of the TV for his blog. Yeah, right! A TV in the bathroom? Not likely.


  4. I don't have a caption. I thought the same thing that Missy thought.

    I have a few questions:
    Is there a monitor in the ladies' room or only the men's room?

    Does the restaurant have a sports bar? If so, maybe some clients had "accidents" when they couldn't leave the monitor in the bar for a bio break during the heat of a game.

  5. My wife confirms that there are no urinals or TVs in their ladies room.. but alas the place has no sports bar :)

  6. I vote for grate001's caption. Relief pitcher.


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