Bacon Block Party

My wife caught this article in the KC Star announcing that Bacon Fest 2009 will be taking place in KC on Saturday to support the Rehabilitation Institute. Here is what is in store for festers who will throw down $30 for charity:
  • Samples and cooking demos from the two local guys behind the world-famous Bacon Explosion, a bacon-stuffed, bacon-wrapped sausage delicacy.
  • BLTs and bacon and pulled pork sandwiches with hot barbecue sauce and slaw (from Adam’s Rib in Overland Park).
  • Chocolate lava cake with bacon ganache (whipped up by an Ameristar chef).
  • Maple bacon ice cream (courtesy of Murray’s in Westport).
  • Bacon-infused vodka (from the Drop in midtown) and, for the first 100 people, bloody Marys with a bacon, smoked turkey, pepperoncini and olive skewer (from Belly Up BBQ).
Wonder if I can get Ann to make the pilgrimage with me? Anybody wanna go?


  1. I could go for a bloody mary with bacon, why not?

  2. I would love to go, but the commute would be a bit much. Hope you can make it and give us the bacon scoop.


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