Eve of Destruction

I was reminded of this song this afternoon and thought I'd share it, and a few thoughts about it, with you. Barry McGuire sang this song around 1965.. it was a song that so captured the sentiment and turbulence of that era.

The late 1960s were troubling times for guys like me.. I can remember how two of my friends died in Vietnam.. I can remember being afraid of being drafted and being sent to Nam.. when I was drafted I enlisted for an extra year to keep out of the infantry. Things seemed so unsettling and out of control to young men like me.. I felt like my life was put on hold.. and wondered what my future would look like.

Things these days also seem a bit out of control.. especially in the middle east.. we are still losing troops overseas. I am glad that we do not have a draft.. yet I wonder how much war our country would tolerate if we did. I am thankful for those who serve our country overseas both now and back then.. and I am hoping that peace will reign.

Click here to see and hear Barry singing the song in 2007 with Christian recording artist Don Francisco and his wife Wendy. He looks different but then again who doesn't :)


  1. This whole healthcare issue has really taken the focus off of our dual wars. In a Facebook discussion the other day a friend said that it was the forced generosity of the proposed healthcare plan that people object to. I pointed out that I was forced to have my tax dollars go to the distribution of lead in foreign lands for the last eight years so maybe this would make it even. Sad that some right wingers have no problem with their tax dollars being used to decimate "the least of these", but complain when their tax dollars will be used to help them. If I were a Christian I'd be mighty concerned with whether I was a sheep or a goat.

  2. Great comment Mike.. like it or not there is a lot of sheep in you :)

  3. Some say I'm full of sh, oh wait, you said sheep. ;-)

  4. I remember his powerful performance as presented on Time Life Flower Power collection commercials. I'm a sucker for those things


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