Ever Wear Platform Shoes?

Sad to say that I had one pair of platform shoes in the 70s.
How about you.. especially you guys.. ever own a pair?


  1. Nnnnnnnnnnope! However I had a pair of black patent vinyl lace-up high-heeled boots that I loved and wore until they fell apart. :D

    Good grief, platforms seem to make a brief ugly appearance every few years. Wouldn't wear them then, won't wear them now! Am I just too sensible for my own good?

    Hugs to you and Anne!

  2. Yes I did, but now I have a pair of Harley boots that make the platforms seem like I was walking in sock feet.

  3. Never wore platform shoes. I frequently wore Western boots in my teens and early 20's when I wasn't wearing a uniform for Uncle Sam.

  4. Never cared for my cowboy boots Joe. I have seen some that had a pretty high heel :)

    And yes I had a pair of airborne ranger jump boots that I was pretty fond of when I worked for our sweet uncle.

  5. You are conjurring up some memories that should have been locked away for good, Bob.

    It was '79 or '80 - had the shoes, had the mullet... yep, I was a happenin' guy fer sure.

    (and just to make joe happy, had the cowboy boots, too)

  6. I don't remember guys wearing platform shoes, but I sure did, and I was so lucky - I had just broken up with a boyfriend a teensy bit shorter/taller than me, and started dating a new boy who was 6'5"!!!! I could wear any heel I wanted!! It's a wonder I didn't break my ankles.

    People should take more pictures of their kids in the styles of the times - I wish I had a photo of me in those platforms and whatever clothes went with them.

  7. Yes I did, in the 70s, but only moderate ones. When i got married, for my going away outfit I wore a pair of red-brown platform sandals, with that ropey stuff around the platform. These days, with my back problems, it's never anything but flats.


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