Identity Theft Poll

My answer is "Some of the above".

I do infrequently check my credit report.. usually check my financial statements.. do shred stuff.. and limit my credit cards.. I also have Identity Theft insurance.

How would you answer this poll?


  1. 2,3 & 4. Even though limiting the number of credit cards (for me) has nothing to do with identity theft. I just use the ones that give me cash back.

  2. Who'd want to stael my identity. I couldn't give it waya :)

  3. Wow ... see what I mean. I should read stuff before I post.

  4. Lifelock. If Brian dies I"ll never be able to access our accounts.

  5. I got identity thefted over ten years ago. I was lucky, because the idiot used her picture on an ID and it clearly wasn't me, so I was able to clear it up without huge incident.

    I had a credit card number stolen from the bank's records three years ago, and that was quite the hassle to clear up.

    I limit the number of cards (to one), shred papers, don't buy on-line except from huge obvious vendors, keep good spyware detectors on my computer and have the bank check my credit records when I do other business with them.


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